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The Types of Candidates MRC Recruits from Puerto Rico

Short Video from a Livestream Webinar Recently we recorded a livestream webinar where we took questions from people just like you and answered them live.  Many people have asked for a copy of the recording so they can share it with their teammates. And, since we know...

MRC Q&A Livestream Registration

Livestream Broadcast Friday January 17th at 11:00 AM (CST) Curious about MRC and recruiting from Puerto Rico? Join us LIVE for a question and answer forum with the owner and founder of MRC, Clay Martin and hosted by Kelly Dowell.  Click Here to Register Online Today!...

How Pipeline Landscape and Irrigation Recruited and On-boarded Highly Qualified Staff from Puerto Rico

Human Resource Manager and Co-Owner, JoEllen Smith, shares tips on initial on-boarding & skills testing to verify their new recruit’s capabilities to establish their pay rates along with basic on-job-site training. Learn about the relationships they established with local apartment complexes. 

Pipeline has used H2-B and pride themselves on being a tight knit company that touches base with their employees regularly, no matter where they recruit them from. In fact, some of their new Puerto Rican recruits have already expressed an interest to staying full-time. 

How Edward’s Lawn and Home Prepares for a Successful Season with New Recruits from Puerto Rico

When Edward’s Lawn and Home new recruits arrived they took them to lunch and gave them a full week of onboarding. But prior to that, there was a lot of preparation that went into justifying the cost, making the decision to pull the trigger, creating their job inclusion forms, striking the balance with the number of recruits, finding housing and including their new recruits with their existing standard procedures without bending the rules.

MRC Sponsors Jeffrey Scott’s Become A Destination Company® Workshop in New Orleans January 2020

Have you seen this conference Jeffrey Scott is running January 15-16 called “Become A Destination Company®”?

MRC is proud to sponsor this event because we know how challenging the labor market is right now.

We believe Jeffrey’s conference will provide you with tools that show you how to overcome your biggest people challenges, and make 2020 your most successful, stress free and exciting growth year yet.

All American Grounds Shares Puerto Rican Recruiting Success Secrets

This family owned business was started in 1980, located in a now booming tourist town of Colorado. Three years ago, the team made the decision to add Puerto Ricans into their already diverse workforce. Brandon shares their strategy for integrating their entire workforce to collaborate together including their approach to housing, transportation and cultural teamwork. With a robust onboarding and training program, All American has seen 100% of their recruits stay through the entire season and their return worker rate improve from 25% – 75%.

Learn The Benefits Of Hiring Labor From Puerto Rico – Landscape Entrepreneur Podcast

In this episode, Clay shared details of his entrepreneurial journey to build his very unique and rapidly growing business. He also talked about how to successfully hire and retain quality labor from Puerto Rico for your landscape business. Clay has been through the trenches and has a very good understand of the process and how to be successful when hiring labor from Puerto Rico.

United Quality Cooperative Customer Feedback

Located on a reservation with a population of just 3,500 people it was challenging finding employees who will take an entry level position, especially with the oil fields nearby. After trying job fairs at schools, Indeed, Craigslist, recruiting out of state, and temp agencies unsuccessfully, United Quality finally found success with MRC. They’re continually bringing more and more Puerto Rican recruits to help them and Katie shares how the replacement process works. Learn how they plan to re-structure their vacation policies and streamline their housing processes now that 16% of their workforce has come from MRC.

How to Have the Most Success Using a Puerto Rican Recruiting Company Like MRC

Clay Martin Founder and President of Martin Recruiting and Consulting [MRC] has a conversation with Ryan Dibala, Account Manager at MRC and host Kelly Dowell. Learn about popular trends that successful business owners have implemented at their companies to ensure the job satisfaction of Puerto Rican recruits. Tips range from job descriptions, onboarding, training, incentives, and even drug testing with the legalization of marijuana in some states.