American manufacturers saw the writing on the wall long before anyone else. Factory jobs and other manufacturing jobs started going unfilled during the COVID-19 pandemic, but things haven’t gotten better. In fact, the National Association of Manufacturers is forecasting that more than 2.1 million manufacturing jobs could go unfilled by 2030. 


That’s less than a decade away. Something needs to happen to bring new workers in to fill the need for mfg jobs – both skilled and unskilled. While technology and innovation are changing how our country approaches manufacturing products, there will always be production line jobs. Computers and robotics make our companies more efficient and productive, but there will always be a need for humans to manage this work as well as complete manufacturing tasks.


Companies are fighting too hard for a shrinking number of available American workers. While the American hiring pool might be shallow, that doesn’t mean there aren’t workers. It’s just a matter of looking in the right place for them. Martin Recruiting and Consulting (MRC) helps clients address their mfg staffing shortages by matching clients with workers from Puerto Rico. 


Unlike workers who emigrate from other countries and require specialized immigration status or visas to legally work in the United States, Puerto Rican workers avoid these issues. How? Puerto Rico is officially an unincorporated territory of the United States, meaning that its residents are also fully American citizens and are free to emigrate to mainland America and obtain work.  

Living and working in the United States is a highly desirable goal for many Puerto Rican citizens. More Puerto Ricans live in the United States than on the island! But it’s also a win-win for industries that typically need unskilled labor or entry-level workers who may have some experience, but can be trained and brought up to speed for your production line.

Puerto Rican workers are interested in coming to America and obtaining employment opportunities. 


MRC has thousands of candidates throughout Puerto Rico that are willing to make the leap to American employers. Our pre-screening and pre-employment processes allow you to tap into the workers that you really need and who are a good fit for your organization. We’re able to provide employment solutions for freight workers, line workers, safety, maintenance, operations, and production line jobs. Our numbers speak for themselves – during the past four years, we’ve successfully placed more than 3,000 recruits in 170 operations nationwide.


Give us a call to find out more about how we can help you address your worker needs through our candidate network in Puerto Rico. We have workers waiting and interested to work for manufacturing employers throughout America.