A Day in the Life of Serving Business Owners Who Recruit Employees from Puerto Rico


Recently Kelly Dowell from Keldo Digital talked with our very own account manager Marni Center about what it’s like being an account manager at Martin Recruiting and Consulting. 

Since Marni typically doesn’t get to meet her clients face to face as they mostly talk on the phone or text, we thought this was a great opportunity to put a face with a name! 

If you haven’t talked to her yet, you’ll love Marni’s upbeat personality, positive attitude and Insightful knowledge about the recruiting process from Puerto Rico to the United States.  

In this video you’ll see and hear Marni talk about what the recruits value most from companies, her experience working with recruiters, the MRC core values, her trip to Puerto Rico with the team and even get some insight to the best success secrets that her clients are using to build quality job descriptions and retain their employees every season. 

You can find additional information on what great companies are doing to retain their Puerto Rican workforce in our customer feedback interviews


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