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Learn from our top client’s experiences on how to attract and retain employees.


Edward’s Lawn & Home, LLC

Kyle Davis, President

Industry: Commercial & Residential Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Initial Recruit: 5 employees
Current Recruits: 6 employees
Total Company Size: 25 employees

When Edward’s Lawn and Home new recruits arrived they took them to lunch and gave them a full week of onboarding. But prior to that, there was a lot of preparation that went into justifying the cost, making the decision to pull the trigger, creating their job inclusion forms, striking the balance with the number of recruits, finding housing and including their new recruits with their existing standard procedures without bending the rules. Learn why they chose MRC to help them recruit from Puerto Rico over the unreliable H2-B Program. Edward’s has a clear set of core values that they abide by and it’s clear these thing goes a long way in helping their success.

“In the end MRC has been a really nice supplement to our team. We’re not solely dependent on one avenue for our field staffing. We try to diversify from different pools. The work output from the recruits is decent, and that’s a tricky thing with this program versus H2-B. With the Puerto Rican recruits, they’re pretty good workers, but you can help make them better if you have a really good training program internally and you’re working with them and coaching them.  Overall my experience so far has been positive with Clay and MRC.” 

Kyle Davis

President, Edward's Lawn & Home, LLC

All American Grounds

Brandon Stegman, Sales Manager

Industry: Lawn Care and Landscaping Maintenance
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Initial Recruit: 4 employees
Current Recruits: 4 employees
Total Company Size: 90-100 employees

This small, family owned business was started in 1980, located in a now booming tourist town of Colorado.  Three years ago, the team made the decision to add Puerto Ricans into their already diverse workforce. Brandon shares their strategy for integrating their entire workforce to collaborate together including their approach to housing, transportation and cultural teamwork. With a robust onboarding and training program, All American has seen 100% of their recruits stay through the entire season and their return worker rate improve from 25% – 75%.    

“It’s a risk, there’s no doubt about it. But, you have to trust the process that Clay has in place and give it a whirl and see what happens. In today’s workforce, it’s all a risk no matter which way you look at it – whether it’s an American person, whether it’s an H-2B program that is an uncertainty every year, or it’s Puerto Ricans that we’re bringing in with MRC. What reassured us about Clay is that he interviewed us as much as we interviewed him. I asked for a bunch of his references and I called almost every one of them. And all the way through it everybody always reassured me that if they ever had issues Clay always took care of it. In any business venture that you have, you always look at it as a partnership and MRC has been exactly that for us.

Brandon Stegman

Sales Manager, All American Grounds Maintenance

United Quality Cooperative

Katie Hall, Human Resources Supervisor

Industry: Retail Convenience Stores
Location: Rural North Dakota 
Initial Recruit: 5 employees
Current Recruits: 40 employees
Total Company Size: 200 employees

Located on a reservation with a population of just 3,500 people it was challenging finding employees who will take an entry level position, especially with the oil fields nearby. After trying job fairs at schools, Indeed, Craigslist, recruiting out of state, and temp agencies unsuccessfully, United Quality finally found success with MRC. They’re continually bringing more and more Puerto Rican recruits to help them and Katie shares how the replacement process works. Learn how they plan to re-structure their vacation policies and streamline their housing processes now that 16% of their workforce has come from MRC. 

“The people that Martin Recruiting and Consulting have been sending to us have great work ethic. They show up every day no matter what. They’re here, they’re not walking off the job and that’s what is really important to us. They are very happy, talkative and welcoming to everybody. I think the caliper of people that they’re sending us, especially customer service wise is amazing. Every time I walk by they’re saying ‘Hi, Have a nice day! Good morning!’ We’re going to continue to smooth out the logistics and streamline the process to make this more successful.” 

Katie Hall

Human Resources Supervisor, United Quality Cooperative

Pipeline Landscape & Irrigation, LLC

JoEllen Smith, Co-Owner / Human Resources

Industry: Full Service Landscape, Design Build & Maintenance 
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina (Second office in Rock Hill)
Initial Recruit: 8 employees
Current Recruits: 8 employees
Total Company Size: 30 employees

Pipeline is a family owned business offering turnkey landscape solutions in North and South Carolina. In this recording, you’ll hear about the initial process Pipeline went through when meeting with MRC as well as their hesitations. JoEllen shares tips on initial on-boarding & skills testing to verify their new recruit’s capabilities to establish their pay rates along with basic on-job-site training. Learn about the relationships they established with local apartment complexes. Pipeline has used H2-B and pride themselves on being a tight knit company that touches base with their employees regularly, no matter where they recruit them from. In fact, some of their new Puerto Rican recruits have already expressed an interest to staying full-time. 

“If you are willing to go through the process of getting the recruits here, meaning assisting them with getting established including the housing and airfare and different things – then do it. They are great guys. We haven’t had any issues. But, it really depends on your bandwidth with that assistance. You do have to pay the fees to get them here, get them acclimated etc. You get most of that back through deductions, but there are costs that you hold onto for awhile or incur, but it’s well worth it for highly qualified staff over the long haul.” 

JoEllen Smith

Co-Owner & Human Resources, Pipeline Landscape & Irrigation, LLC

Extreme Lawn Service & Landscaping

Justin Strong, Co-Owner

Industry: Lawn Care and Landscaping
Location: Galveston, Tennessee
Initial Recruit: 6 employees
Current Recruits: 6 employees
Total Company Size:  employees

Like every company in the green industry, Extreme Lawn was struggling using traditional recruiting methods like Indeed, Craigslist and ZipRecruiter. Upon signing up with MRC, they purchased a newly remodeled house which was a perk for the new recruits that keeps them happy and it’s also used as a rental property for the company. Learn how Extreme Lawn dealt with property damage issues and used it as a training opportunity, as well as getting replacements from MRC during the busy spring season. Justin prides their company on being lenient on mistakes and keen to giving second chances which has been a key to their high retention rate.

“I think one of the key things with us is that we’re able to adapt to what our Puerto Rican recruits need and want. We are very respectful towards them. We were really lenient on mistakes at first because the guys didn’t have the exact experience that we needed, but they are willing to work and reliable. Some of them have even become really good friends to us. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I think if you realize that things aren’t going to go exactly as you expect them and you’re able to transition when things do go wrong, you’ll be successful.”

Justin Strong

Co-Owner, Extreme Lawn Service & Landscaping

Classic Landscapes, Inc.

John Newman, President

Industry: Landscape Design & Maintenance
Location: Hampton, Georgia (South Suburb of Atlanta) 
Initial Recruit: 4 employees
Current Recruits: 4 employees
Total Company Size: 10 employees

John Newman of Classic Landscape expected a learning curve due to the nature of his small team and how it would impact his company culture. In this recording you’ll hear about how he utilized modular homes and the challenges he had finding housing, as well as how he created an employee manual from scratch and setup vacation policies in advance. Learn what John would do differently in training and onboarding and what cultural components made them successful. Find out what skills and licenses his original recruits came with, and what they needed training on. 

“I highly recommend that you visit with your current team members at length to talk about them about how this is an important step on growing the business and that it creates opportunities for everybody. Explain that it’s not a threat and while it’s not going to be perfect, we can work through the learning curve and the challenges in this model. Because this scenario is part of the future of our company and we are committed to this viable business model that MRC provides.” 

John Newman

President, Classic Landscapes Inc.

Vidosh North, LLC

Donn Vidosh, Owner

Industry: Design Build Landscaping
Location: Petoskey, Michigan (Small, resort community)
Initial Recruit: 6 employees
Current Recruits: 4 employees
Total Company Size: 30 seasonal employees

In the tourist town of Petoskey, the community expands greatly in the summer months. Vidosh intended to bring in seasonal employees from Puerto Rico to work April-December, and ended up with an all star employee who relocated his family to Michican and has become a full-time, long term employee! In this recording you’ll hear about the number of hours the recruits work and how Donn manages overtime, bonus structures and housing. Donn explains how MRC coached them through the process to get replacement recruits as well as returning to the States the next season. 


“The initial recruits we got were not as skilled in the green industry, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because we were able to train them how we do our work, rather than train out bad habits they already had. We conducted a 3 full-day, intensive company wide training. It was really important to me that our existing employees understood how critical our Puerto Rican workforce was to our success. We plan to expand our training into a week-long training next season. The time we spent on the front end really saved us a lot of hassle and headache over the course of the season and it was money well spent from a business aspect. We try not to work under the fear that people might leave and train them to the best of our ability which has served us well.”

Donn Vidosh

Owner, Vidosh North, LLC

L&A Tent Rentals

Brian Richardson, President

Industry: Tent and Rental Equipment Setup for Large Corporate Events and Weddings
Location: Hamilton, New Jersey (15 miles from Princeton University)
Initial Recruit: 12 employees
Current Recruits: 8 employees
Total Company Size: 25 employees

This event specialty company was established over 120 years ago and has experienced a 20% growth each year for the past few years. Their demand for more employees and lost hope in the H-2B system lead them to find MRC in January 2018. In this recording, you’ll learn how to keep morale high company wide with Spanish and English speaking employees. Understand what Brian would do differently when it comes to budgeting for housing allowances and company minivans. Many of their employees came with electrical or carpentry knowledge and with their monthly evaluations, many of them are at the same skillset now as team members that have been with the company 4-5 years.

“We furnished everything in the housing from beds, to linens, everything. And actually, I filled the refrigerators before they arrived because I wanted them, when they got here, to feel like somebody cared – that’s just the way we operate our company. We spend a lot of time off-hours with our staff. We’ve taken them to semi-professional ball games, where a couple of guys threw out the first pitch… I’ve had parties at my house for the holidays with all the guys. We recognize how hard it is to leave your home and come halfway across the country here with people you don’t know, and so at least 1 to 2 times per month we get together as a company and do a fun activity so they know that we care about them. We want them to be here long term, whether they go home for 3 months and come back; our goal is that we’re getting reliable employees that we’ve trained. If we can encourage them to come back there is a savings with MRC and there’s a saving with training and recruiting, etc. So our goal is to make them as comfortable as possible and want to come back.”

Brian Richardson

President, L&A Tent Rental