America is dealing with an unprecedented labor crisis. Jobs are going unfilled and operational capacity is reduced. At the same time, the work remains despite the worker shortage. It doesn’t matter if you need unskilled labor or skilled labor – there simply aren’t enough workers to go around right now.


The worker shortage issue is particularly acute in the manufacturing industry. Many of our businesses are driven by a large, hardworking unskilled labor pool. Owners and managers are willing to take these workers on, giving them the necessary training and skills to get the job done right. The problem is that these jobs are going unfilled, with few applicants interested in the available openings. 


Fortunately, there is a great alternative just waiting to be tapped to fill your labor pool. Martin Recruiting and Consulting (MRC) helps clients address their hiring shortage by providing workers from Puerto Rico. 

As Puerto Rico is officially an unincorporated territory of the United States and has been for more than a century, its residents are legal U.S. citizens. This means that though they may reside in Puerto Rico, they are legally able to travel to and from the mainland United States. It also means that they are legally able to work anywhere in the country, without having to worry about immigration status or visas. 


Living and working in the United States is a highly desirable goal for many Puerto Rican citizens. In fact, more Puerto Ricans live in the United States than on the island! But it’s also a win-win for industries that typically need unskilled labor or entry-level workers, such as manufacturing and warehousing, landscape and construction, and hotel and hospitality. 


We have found that many of the recruits we work with have some level of manual labor experience, which is great if you require entry-level manufacturing employees. They also have a strong interest in obtaining solid employment in the United States – a great motivator for retaining those workers permanently. 


MRC makes this process easy for our clients, though it does require a few extra steps. As with workers already located in your area, we do ask that you provide us with job descriptions and an idea of your employment needs. Our clients pay for worker transport from Puerto Rico, but this is a cost that can be recouped over time. Workers also need access to affordable, clean, and functional housing as well as transport for work and basic shopping needs. In return, we also offer a 60-day guarantee that we will replace any workers that quit, are terminated, or fail to show up for work. That’s something you won’t find when hiring off the street.  


There’s no denying that tapping into this worker pipeline does take some additional legwork upfront. But workers from Puerto Rico are a great option to fill your immediate and long-term candidate gaps. Worker shortages are no joke; they hamper your company’s profitability and ability to grow. 


Give us a call to find out more about how we can help you address your worker needs through our candidate network in Puerto Rico. We have workers waiting and interested to work for manufacturing employers throughout America.