Short Video from a Livestream Webinar

We hope you enjoyed last week’s video with a real recruit Emmanuel sharing his American Dream. If you missed it, you can check it out here!

Now, we want to give you a deep dive into housing and show you some photos of acceptable homes. In this video, we answer questions regarding the average rent that most workers expect to pay and give you tips for finding housing at a reasonable cost and getting reimbursed.  

Clay generally approves 85% of the housing that comes in for MRC companies, and we want to your lodging to be approved! Learn about what these candidates needs are as far as basic appliances, bedding and minimal resources. 

Whether you choose to rent an apartment or buy a house, there are options and this video gives you tips to make it successful. 

You can find additional information on what great companies are doing to retain their Puerto Rican workforce in our customer feedback interviews


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