Pipeline Outdoor Living’s History

Pipeline Landscape and Irrigation is a growing Landscape Service provider servicing customers throughout North and South Carolina.  They were incorporated in June 2001.  They are a North Carolina, Historically Underutilized Business. They began as an irrigation only provider, quickly expanded into hardscapes and later into landscaping & maintenance. 

They have over 15 years experience to meet all of their client’s landscaping needs.  They offer turn-key services for both residential and commercial properties at a competitive prices.  Their commitment is to provide quality service to their customer through honesty, teamwork and responsiveness to their customer’s needs. 

Pipeline’s Partnership with Martin Recruiting and Consulting

Pipeline is a family owned business offering turnkey landscape solutions in North and South Carolina. In this recording, you’ll hear about the initial process Pipeline went through when meeting with MRC as well as their hesitations. 

Human Resource Manager and Co-Owner, JoEllen Smith, shares tips on initial on-boarding & skills testing to verify their new recruit’s capabilities to establish their pay rates along with basic on-job-site training. Learn about the relationships they established with local apartment complexes. 

Pipeline has used H2-B and pride themselves on being a tight knit company that touches base with their employees regularly, no matter where they recruit them from. In fact, some of their new Puerto Rican recruits have already expressed an interest to staying full-time. 

“If you are willing to go through the process of getting the recruits here, meaning assisting them with getting established including the housing and airfare and different things – then do it. They are great guys. We haven’t had any issues. But, it really depends on your bandwidth with that assistance. You do have to pay the fees to get them here, get them acclimated etc. You get most of that back through deductions, but there are costs that you hold onto for awhile or incur, but it’s well worth it for highly qualified staff over the long haul.” 
JoEllen Smith

Co-Owner & Human Resource Manger, Pipeline Landscape and Irrigation

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