All American Grounds History

All American Grounds was established in 1986. They started the company in order to provide personalized service with high quality construction; characteristics that were lacking in the green industry. Their continued commitment to client service and superior craftsmanship has provided the firm with a continually growing list of loyal clients. With extensive experience in all phases of construction, including landscape design and management, their team prides itself on constantly maintaining the highest quality of workmanship that is necessary to keep All American well above industry standards. 

All American Grounds Partnership with Martin Recruiting and Consulting

This family owned business was started in 1980, located in a now booming tourist town of Colorado.  Three years ago, the team made the decision to add Puerto Ricans into their already diverse workforce. Brandon shares their strategy for integrating their entire workforce to collaborate together including their approach to housing, transportation and cultural teamwork.

With a robust on-boarding and training program, All American has seen 100% of their recruits stay through the entire season and their return worker rate improve from 25% – 75%.   

“It’s a risk, there’s no doubt about it. But, you have to trust the process that Clay has in place and give it a whirl and see what happens. In today’s workforce, it’s all a risk no matter which way you look at it – whether it’s an American person, whether it’s an H-2B program that is an uncertainty every year, or it’s Puerto Ricans that we’re bringing in with MRC. What reassured us about Clay is that he interviewed us as much as we interviewed him. I asked for a bunch of his references and I called almost every one of them. And all the way through it everybody always reassured me that if they ever had issues Clay always took care of it. In any business venture that you have, you always look at it as a partnership and MRC has been exactly that for us.”

Brandon Stegman

Sales Manager, All American Grounds

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