Industry: Retail Convenience Stores
Location: Rural North Dakota
Initial Recruit: 5 employees
Current Recruits: 40 employees
Total Company Size: 200 employees

Located on a reservation with a population of just 3,500 people it was challenging finding employees who will take an entry level position, especially with the oil fields nearby. After trying job fairs at schools, Indeed, Craigslist, recruiting out of state, and temp agencies unsuccessfully, United Quality finally found success with MRC. They’re continually bringing more and more Puerto Rican recruits to help them and Katie shares how the replacement process works. Learn how they plan to re-structure their vacation policies and streamline their housing processes now that 16% of their workforce has come from MRC in the video below. 


“The people that Martin Recruiting and Consulting have been sending to us have great work ethic. They show up every day no matter what. They’re here, they’re not walking off the job and that’s what is really important to us. They are very happy, talkative and welcoming to everybody. I think the caliper of people that they’re sending us, especially customer service wise is amazing. Every time I walk by they’re saying ‘Hi, Have a nice day! Good morning!’ We’re going to continue to smooth out the logistics and streamline the process to make this more successful.” 

Katie Hall
Human Resources Supervisor, United Quality Cooperative