What is the Landscape Entrepreneur Podcast?


The purpose of the Landscape Entrepreneur Podcast is to provide ideas, information and resources to help landscape entrepreneurs create a business that works for them. A business that runs on systems so it can run without the owner, generate a consistent profit and provide an enjoyable lifestyle. 

Creator, Matt Hudson, is a landscape entrepreneur with over 23 years of Green Industry experience as an owner and senior executive. He earned a degree in Landscape Architecture has lead companies to increase net profits by six figures and as much as 213% in a single year.

Matt’s focus now is to help landscape entrepreneurs build companies that work for them. Companies that generate a consistent profit, run on systems, so they can run without the owner, and provide a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle.

Episode 15: Learn the Benefits of Hiring Labor from Puerto Rico with Clay Martin of Martin Recruiting and Consulting (MRC)

In this episode, Owner of MRC Clay Martin shared details of his entrepreneurial journey to build his very unique and rapidly growing business. He also talked about how to successfully hire and retain quality labor from Puerto Rico for your landscape business.  Clay has been through the trenches and has a very good understand of the process and how to be successful when hiring labor from Puerto Rico.

Listen to the Full Podcast Featuring Clay Martin