It’s hard to believe that it was just one year ago that I started Martin Recruiting and Consulting (MRC) and launched at NALP’s LANDSCAPES 2017.

With just 4 days notice of the event, I ordered a stack of business cards and headed out with an idea….a dream.  I got to Louisville, and as I started talking to people, I quickly observed the same pain point:

“How can we hire and retain good people in the green industry?”

I was convinced that my solution would solve a labor shortage problem that so many green industry leaders are feeling. MRC is a direct hire staffing agency that specializes in recruiting American citizens from Puerto Rico to work in the landscape, hospitality, and manufacturing industry.

From Then Until Now

This year working in the green industry reaffirmed to me that being trustworthy and creating partnerships with people is the best way to create double wins. Funny thing is that many of my business relationships have solidified into strong friendships. I solve a client’s problem and they have turned around and offered me helpful professional advice.  Thanks to the awesome people who attend events like LANDSCAPES, our Puerto Rican recruiting company has seen a lot of growth.

JTS Landscaping AwardToday, MRC has clients in over 50 cities around the US.  In one year we placed over 350 people from Puerto Rico to work in the landscape, hospitality and manufacturing industry. 

Much of our success has come from being available and reliable. Initially clients are surprised when I respond to their internet requests, phone calls, and text messages promptly and personally. But, could you imagine not being able to get in touch with one of your new recruits or the recruiter?

Just as importantly, we promptly respond to our recruits and we’re constantly taking phone calls, texts and emails at any hour and even on weekends. I’ve been known to step out during a date to take a work call. (Maybe that’s why I’m still single!)

The Future of MRC

As I envision the future of MRC, we’re definitely placing a high emphasis on quality and not quantity. It’s my goal to become the most TRUSTED recruiting agency for the green industry.

There’s nothing that I love more than getting a call from a crew leader that I placed 6 months ago expressing his appreciation for the opportunity. Being able to make consistent and reliable paychecks that they can send home to their family is everything to them.

Many of our recruits are buying vehicles, renting their own apartments, and even bringing their family to their new home to start a life together in the states. These are NOT uncommon results with our choice employers! They’re seeing dramatic success in their businesses as well as in their employee growth.

I look forward to seeing Martin Recruiting and Consulting leading the way providing a solution to seasonal business staffing. As our economy improves, unemployment shrinks and H2b continues to be highly unpredictable, Puerto Rican workers are the answer.

We can recruit and place 1 to 40 employees within four weeks of a phone call!

Back to Louisville This Year


LANDSCAPES 2018 is just a few days away. This year, I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with all of the people that have helped me over the past year including colleagues, clients, NALP staff members, consultants, and the young professionals.

If you’re a part of the green industry, then you know what I mean when I say that LANDSCAPES is a huge reunion. Everyone’s busy with something to do, the schedules all overlap, and the two days fly by with very little sleep.

If you can make time, come and see me at the following events:

  • Breakfast with Champions: you can find me facilitating a table on recruiting from Puerto Rico on both Wednesday and Thursday morning. Remember to get there early to get the table you want as they fill up quickly!
  • The keynote speaker this year is Ron Jaworski, NFL Quarterback and I’ll be there to see him on Wednesday at 6:00 PM.
  • I’ll be at the 2017 Leadership Awards hosted by Lawn and Landscape Magazine at Patrick O’Shea’s on Wednesday from 4:30-6:30pm. I’m excited to introduce one of my good friends to get an award that night!
  • There’s a NALP-Young Professional’s Networking Happy Hour Wednesday night on 8Up Rooftop bar. This event is open to the 40 and under crowd.

Relationship building, persistence, communication and honesty make up our core values. If you’re struggling with labor shortages, let’s talk.  You can request a free pricing sheet here. If you liked this article, please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues.

MRC specializes in recruiting Puerto Rican labor which involves no visas or headaches, just a simple and reliable process. Learn more: