“We have worked with Clay Martin at MRC for over a year now. Clay and his team have surpassed our expectations for finding quality labor in a timely fashion. Without his service our company would not be able to accommodate the hundreds of clients we service on a weekly basis. Our company has been transformed with the help of MRC, making us very successful and a leader in our area. Best investment our company has ever made by far.”

-Wade Martin, Martin Landscape Inc. (no family relation)

Martin Landscapes Testimonial

“We created a great partnership with MRC.  Clay and his team are easy to work with and have a true passion for helping people.  They are committed to people and partnership.”

-Tina Miller, Director of HR, Mainscape Inc. 

“I never expected to have so many unfilled positions in the middle of our 8 month landscaping season. MRC helped me recruit and hire 7 employees in record time. Clay and his team accurately represented their services and have proven to be excellent communicators. They are a team I can trust.”

-Roscoe Klausing, Landscape Industry Certified, President & CEO, Klausing Group Inc.

“One year before contacting Clay Martin we heard of his niche recruiting business and we were intrigued. After the realities of the tight labor market revealed itself in Spring 2017 we reached out to Clay and he helped us place 4 new team members in the summer.

With a large commercial job on the horizon along with our regular customer’s requests for work, Clay’s recruits arrived on time as promised and started right away. The new guys have become valuable team members with very good upside potential.

Clay has followed up with us several times to make sure things are working out as planned and offered his insight into making this arrangement work long term. We highly recommend contacting Clay to have him help you with your labor needs.”

-Jon Newman, President, Classic Landscapes Inc. 

“Mr. Martin is one of the best recruiters I know and I have been in the HR field for more than twenty years. This man is not afraid of hard work, not intimidated by making the first contact and knows how to close the deal. Mr. Martin is dedicated to whatever he sets his mind to, open to change and self-evaluation and just those attributes alone make him an excellent candidate to own his own business in a field that he has already been completely successful in.”

-Iretha McCullough, Previous colleague

img_6178“I came here with a plan to work hard and give it my best and I am fulfilling that so far. I am extremely happy with this company and they treat me very well. I am thankful to MRC for recruiting me and providing me with this opportunity.”

-Luis, Recruit working in Sarasota, Florida

“I would like to support Clay Martin in his endeavor to provide this unique service. He repeatedly proves to me that he is an ideas man that will not let obstacles get in his way.  We worked together as labor recruiters in upstate New York, during which he developed into an invaluable recruiter, especially with regard to Puerto Ricans. He is culturally competent, linguistically advanced and professionally seasoned.  Using these skills Mr. Martin was able to help businesses transition to new and reliable sources of labor.”

-Peter Wawro, Previous colleague

“I’m honored to be part of this company. I have learned so many new skills and improved on others. I see a future here.”

-Pedro, Recruit working in Charleston, South Carolina

“I met Clay while working with the Tsa’chila Indians of Ecuador from 2008-2010. His success rested largely on his ability to motivate people with his seemingly limitless energy and to bring them together to achieve much more than they could ever do alone. Clay has always been able to envision opportunities before they materialize and he has an affinity for connecting the right people to catalyze the manifestation of those opportunities. He harbors a unique sensibility to cultural nuance and an ability to adapt to his surroundings, affording him a level of inter-cultural insight uncommon amongst his peers.”

-Ryan Dibala, previous colleague