Frequently Asked Questions

Are Puerto Ricans American citizens? Do they need a work Visa?

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and therefore Puerto Ricans are American citizens and do not need any special documents or visas to work.

Do they have drivers licenses?

Many of our recruits have drivers licenses; some even have CDL’s and heavy equipment licenses. With the right documentation a Puerto Rican license can be switched over easily in many states.

Do your recruits have experience?

Almost all have experience in some type of manual labor. Many have construction and landscaping experience.

Are there specialized skill sets that could be provided?

Many recruits are adept in carpentry, masonry, welding, electricity, mechanics, painting, dry wall, landscaping etc. However, we do not promise or guarantee any particular skill sets.

What is the housing and transportation situation for these recruits?

MRC requires our clients to provide adequate housing at a reasonable cost. We also require our clients to provide transportation to and from work and for the employees to do their personal shopping. It is suggested to provide a vehicle for the group so they do not have to rely on the company.

Do the recruits speak English?

About 20% of Puerto Ricans speak English fluently and many are conversational and speak and understand enough for the job.

How long do the recruits want or expect to work?

These recruits want a steady and solid employment opportunity. Some are used to working 6-9 month contracts and returning but many are looking for a long term investment and to secure a job they are happy with and make it a sustainable option by settling with their family wherever the job is located.

Why should we use your recruitment and staffing services compared to other options?

MRC is confident that our direct hire placement program is quicker, cheaper,
more reliable, more valuable and more sustainable than other options. No red tape!